Super Absorbent Washable Bath Towel

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Super Absorbent Washable Bath Towel

This microfiber pet bath towel is durable and machine washable. It has strong water absorption ability so it dries off your pet after bath quickly. Lightweight and easy to care for; this towel can be stored in your car for on the go trips for your pet or at home. It also can be a mat when you do not need to dry your pet.


- Color: Blue
- Material: microfiber
- Size: 100x40cm/39x15.7inch
- Suitable for cats and dogs in different breeds and sizes.
- Towel is made of quality microfiber, which makes it machine washable,  super absorbent and thirty.
- Provides comfort for your pet and protection for your couch, carpet, car, bed, floor, or chair.
- This towel can seriously turn a wet dog into a slightly damp one in two minutes or less.

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